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Case Study

Emergency Storage, Crane & Transportation Service

Emergency Storage

Proactive Specialized Logistics Inc.

Emergency Storage, Crane & Transportation Service


In late 2019 with very short notice the Proactive Specialized team was tasked with receiving, transporting , handling, inspecting and storing of 15 Million Pounds ( 6500 pcs) of steel pipe in Ontario. The challenge, locate and erect roughly 5 acres of suitable laydown area within proximity to the Port of Hamilton and transport 350 loads of pipe safely before the winter port shutdown.

Customized Solution

In less than 30 days Proactive secured the property, prepared the land and created a complete secure, fully operational lay down yard (DPSA) less than 2 km from the Port of Hamilton. Our flatbeds were deployed to the port on exclusive rotation and a team of near forty personnel were mobilized to process the pcs into our site.

Each individual pipe section was unloaded via two 80 Ton crawler cranes from flatbeds onto inspection racks before being placed into storage piles.

Due to the unforeseen event of Covid-19 what was suppose to be only two months of short term storage turned into a multi year need which Proactive was able to navigate for our client.

Project Highlights

Timeline 2019 – 2021
Number of Flatbeds : 700
Number of crane lifts: 19,500
Total number of LBS: 15 Million
Total Square footage : 205,000 sqft
Safety :


Reach out to us if you need short or long-term support on your projects – including warehousing, unload/load out + transport to project sites – all combined with an in-house inventory management system with real time visibility.